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12 Calm Men

I have a hard decision to make. I got a jury duty summons in the mail today. On one hand, I have an easy way to get out of the whole thing just by telling the truth. On the otherhand, I could always take a chance and see if jury duty might be fun. I could finally fulfill one of my dreams of re-enacting my own version of 12 Angry Men but with a twist. After all, who wouldn't want to convince 11 other people to convict some guy they initially think is innocent? It'd be like a Law and Order episode.

Of course, in the end, I'd probably never get to hear any of the good cases anyway. Chances are even if I got past jury selection it would just be something pedestrian and crappy. What I wouldn't give for a nice and interesting quadruple murder involving someone in a clown suit.

Oh and on a sidenote, I'm officially back. I went out earlier today and picked up that wireless adaptor. Damn thing ended up costing me $42, but the computer is back upstairs and running again. Lets hope that there aren't any other computer issues for at least half a year or so. It's been a rough few weeks for that sort of thing.
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