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School shootings for fun and profit

The media never misses an oppertunity to report on school shootings nowadays and there's been a real rash of them lately. I imagine most people are only aware of the latest one at NIU, but I've seen snippets about at least 3 others just in the past week. There was one at another college down in Louisiana were some woman blew away two classmates and two at various high schools.

Overall, it dosen't really surprise me that this sort of thing is marching on. God knows that I've spent more than a few moments pondering the potential benefits of spraying bullets across a college campus. Well, okay, that's not entirely true. I sort of like the idea of mowing down people, but I figure they have to at least have personally pissed me off first. I just can't see the point with indiscrminate killings. I mean, ya, you're pissed, we get it. If you're going to strike out at the world, then you should at least take aim at those people who are currently cheesing you off rather than someone just walking around minding their own buisness.

I guess the only highlight of this latest shooting is that the gunman chose to air out a geology class. At least we can be pretty sure that most of the people there were just taking Rocks for Jocks. Much better than spraying an organic chemistry lab or something. Most of those people are probably pre-med after all.

Aha! Turns out the shooter was a former graduate student. Man, I can relate to that. I'm surprised that more grad students don't go completely postal. You want to find a population of people who are stressed, oppressed, and generally pushed to the limit? Find a batch of graduate students stuck in the morass of a PhD. It does seem sort of odd he would target a lecture hall though. Most of the graduate students I knew would have simply killed their advisors and half their committees.
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