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Genetics, Environment, and Politics

You know, I find it sort of interesting that my sisters and I ended up as we did. I dunno how it goes in many other families but our household was pretty politically neutral growing up. Maybe it's just something to do with Chinese immigrants in general, but most don't seem to pay all that much attention to the politics of their adopted country. Even nowadays, while my parents might ponder who they should vote for around election time, it's not like they're really invested in the choice. Flip on the satelite to Taiwanese or Chinese election reporting though and they're glued to the screen like it's a marathon showing of American Idol.

I'm sure part of this is just do to the language gap. Even if you're fluent in a foreign language, it's one thing to be able to converse and another to go out of you way to try to consume their media. Just because I took spanish classes didn't mean I was watching telemundo to find out the political machinations of Spain or Mexico. At most, I might simply watch some of their gameshows for the bouncing boobies and chaos. I know it's not exactly a good analogy. After all, it's not like I'm living in a Spanish-speaking country. Still, there's always been this barrier to them really following the news or choosing to do recreational reading in English.

So my sisters and I basically grew up in an apolitical family (as far as the politics involved related to the US anyway). Politics were never discussed, or at least never instigated by our parents. We almost never have political discussions amongst ourselves. It was only relatively recently that I found out for sure that my sisters are actually Republicans too. Hell, I didn't even know what they were registered as. Connie was visiting yesterday with Madelaine and I had been watching one of the cable news networks. I made an offhanded comment about how it's going to be interesting to see how the democratic race turns out with the big primaries in OH, TX, and PA, still to come. She immediately added that hopefully Hillary would win all three to hopefully inject chaos and a brokered convention. That immediately brought on a bonding moment of sorts. Not exactly something Hallmark is likely to make a greeting card for, but we're not exactly a touchy-feely or sentimental bunch of people.

I just find it interesting that despite never discussing politics or being 'indoctinated' into a political worldview, we all ended up at more or less the same place. I find that pretty amazing really. I mean, we grew up in New Jersey, and in some of the bluest parts of the state to boot yet we all bucked the trend. Not to mention that I think chinky's in general tend to skew democratic. So, is it genetics? Environemnt? Or do we just all have uncommonly good sense? :).
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