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Senior judge Lord Hutton absolved Blair's government of any serious wrongdoing in the death of David Kelly and said an allegation that the government deliberately doctored intelligence to justify war in Iraq was unfounded and wrong.

Hutton saved most of his ire for the BBC, damning the broadcaster for airing its story and standing by it without adequately checking whether it was true. The chairman of the BBC's board of governors, Gavyn Davies, responded by quitting.

HA! Take that BBC, you fucking biased, arrogant cunts. It's nice to finally see them get their comeuppance for some of the most biased crap I've ever seen come out of any news source short of al jazera. I'm ecstatic to see that they're finally going to face the music that their reporting was full of shit and was simply pandering to the anti-war protestors. The most pathetic thing about it is that the BBC is supposed to be neutral, presenting all viewpoints because it's funded by the public as a whole. Every single limey across the pond pays some kinda giant tax when they buy a tv to fund the BBC and they deserved better than this. It's like finding out that the US goverment pays for Rush Limbaugh's radio show 100% or NPR and it's liberal slant. I hope there's a serious house cleaning after this at the BBC and that the person behind the story is sued for every single penny he owns for slander and defamation.

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