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When it's not possible to sink any further

Out of the blue today, someone posted a heads up that Gencon had declaired Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This was more than a little surprising given how much the damn convention gouges the average convention goer though it does explain why the money grubbing has gone into high gear the past year or so. All of a sudden it's easy to see why they started the VIG (Very Important Gamer) programa and raised fees across the board on both dealers and event costs. It just proves that there must be a truly impressive level of mismanagement at the company for this sort of thing to have resulted. Just look at that SoCal fiasco for example.

While all that was interesting, I was flabergasted to find out that gencon had ripped off the Make a Wish foundation for 150,000 dollars according to a recent lawsuit. I mean, holy shit. It's just a buncha steps down from gassing a few million Jews to ripping off charities. Not really right next door on the road to Hell scale or anything, but I think they can see each other on the horizons.

What's really surprising given these turn of events is that there dosen't seem to be any discussion of it on their forums. I took a look wondering if there was some more updated info and saw a complete news blackout with no entries to be found. I'm curious if perhaps the information just hasn't gotten around yet or if they're trying to surpress the details. God knows that neither piece of information is likely to inspire confidence and the latter will mostly cue contempt.

I just found a copy of the whole legal filing. I can't exactly post a pdf here so I took the time to cut and paste some of the relevant parts into an image file. Here's the bit about defrauding Make-A-Wish:

Tags: crime/law, gencon

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