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Monkey buisness

Yesterday on NPR they had a segment on the so-called 'choking game', also apparently known as Space Monkey. The upshot is that complete morons decide it might be a cool-ass idea to throttle themselves until their brains are deprived of oxygen because it feels sort of wonky, and then they release allowing blood to rush back in leading to more wonky feelings.

My first thought was, what a bunch of fucking morons. This impression was heightened as they had some mother whose little space monkey burned up in re-entry on the show. She kept saying how smart her son was and how bright the kids who try this game are, as compared to the morons who choose to take drugs instead. WTF? Taking drugs is pretty fucking stupid, I'll grant you, but it's practically sound decision making when compared to choking yourself to the point of unconsciousness. Even the most doped out druggie spazzcase is aware of the fact that people need air in order to survive. Breathing is good. If you can't come to that simple conclusion than the fucking gene pool is better off without you. Maybe the parents should be sterilized so they can't churn out any more congenital idiots.

The show goes on to to counsel parents about how to spot the danger signs that they own children might be jumping on this idiocy bandwagon. I can just see it now.... I just don't know what to do. Little Timmy keeps badmouthing Oxygen and says that he admires trees because they take in Carbon Dioxide instead. Oh, whatever should I do?
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