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It's just my own particular gift

So, I went to the meetup last night and it wasn't a complete disaster or anything. I ended up playing three games and, shockers, ended up winning all of them. This was ecspecially unexpected considering that one of them was Santiago. I've got a closet full of various board games, most I've never even played once and a significant minority of which are still shrink wrapped. If I were going to try to play each game I owned at least once, it'd probably be a quest that would easily last over a year. That being said, Santiago is one game I own that I do enjoy playing repeatedly. Mostly I just get bored but there's something about running a plantation and offering bribes that appeals to me I guess.

Anyway, playing games isn't the real reason to go to Lori's meetup. The real reason is so I can partly fulfill my purpose in life. You see, I've known for a while now that I've been granted the special privlege of personally interacting with ever slack-jawed, mouthbreathing, ass-burger sucking, mental reject in the local gaming community. I swear to God there must be some sort of newsletter they all subscribe to so they know when I actually venture out to one of these game days. They then draw lots and I get to encounter the lucky winner.

This particular dingus started out pretty normal. He seemed like a nice guy and we chatted for a bit while waiting for a game to start. What was baffling was his behavior during the game. At some point he just decided to throw it completely and was making completely useless moves. I hadn't been paying that much attention and didn't realize that it was intentional at first. I asked him if he was sure that was what he wanted to do and eventually, when things became completely ridiculous, if he even understood how the game was supposed to be played. His response was that since he didn't feel like he had a chance to win and he felt I had cheated, his goal during the game was to try to screw up my efforts. I can only assume he wasn't all that good at it since I wouldn't even have realized that had been his goal until he said so. So, what was the 'cheating' that he alleged? That I gave advice to another player and had him rethink a really bad move. It wasn't something that would have helped me any, the even the player who would have benefited from the guy's mistake wasn't upset about it. After all, it was a learning game where they were all trying things for the first time. The nujob apparently felt it was his personal crusade however.

That's one of my major pet peeves. I fucking hate it when people get petulant during games. It's one thing to say you don't like a game or that you think it sucks or whatever, but you play it until the end and you play it straight. If you really want out, you can always ask the other players how they feel about it and maybe work something out. Just to dick around making ridiculous bids or placing pieces where it makes zero sense to play it just pisses me off.
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