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I think we can pretty much write that off

Welp, it's been 50+ days since Christmas has come and gone. I think at this point I can be pretty sure that neither slith_tschillin nor Computechie are coming through with their part of the gift exchange. Ah well. It wouldn't have felt quite right if there wasn't some sort of hosing about the whole thing. It's always nice to have your predictions verified.

The only reason the whole thing is coming to mind is I just reading the ol' f-list and someone else was starting up a chain letter gift ring. The idea being that when each person sends out 3 whozits to the first individuals who comment to the entry and then each of those people post and send out 3 more items. I guess it's like the pay-it-forward version of a garage sale. I thought about giving it a whirl, but then remembered the Christmas screw so I'm using that as my excuse.
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