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Score one for whining

A couple thing I've noticed from following deal sites is that 1) customer service is erratic and 2) the squeaky wheel gets the greese. The people who are chronic complainers usually get a positive result while those who grin and forebear get shafted. Usually I'm in the latter category due almost exclusively to laziness. It takes a special sort of stick-to-itness to repeatedly call up customer service numbers and listen to endless musak plus automated recordings for the uncertain possibility of getting something out of it.

Most recently, the laptop order from Dell was delayed by over 2 weeks due to order volume and some people reported that when they called to bitch they were offered anywhere from $25 to $100 dollars. There seems to be no rhymme or reason to it other than which customer service rep you happen to get and whether they're in the mood to give away money.

The efforts I've made to get such things in the past have never actually panned out till today. I dunno if most of you will remember, but the Wii's I bought so long ago on Black Friday said in their description they were supposed to come with Wii Play and an extra Numchuk. Amazon did a whole tapdance that started with outright lies and ended with it was a mistake. I decided to try a chargeback on my Visa in the amount of the missing components and after mailing in supporting documents and months of miscommunications and mixups, some customer service guy credited me with $209.94 today. Spiffyness.
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