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One shot, one kill

In general, I hate protestors. I hate them because while we're all repeatedly sold the ideal of ordinary people coming together to non-violently protest and have their voices heard, it's usually fucking bullshit. Protestors are invariably loud, ignorant, and violent to boot in large groups. It dosen't take much to set the assmonkeys off into a frenzy of shit and brick throwing and that has been proven true over and over again for large gatherings. Look at the assholes who always who up at the G8 summits or the fuckers in Serbia right now.

Now, personally, I couldn't care less if those jackasses want to burn down their shitpile of a city. More power to them in fact. I just happen to draw the line when they attack our embassy. That's US territory you ass-sucking retards. They can burn whatever they want in their pissant little country but the minute they step into the US with their torches, a marine should shoot the fuckers down. I can see how some bleeding heart hippies might feel that might not be very PC, but if those wankers knew that their heads would explode like rotten melons when they crossed the threshold, I'm willing to bet they don't come visiting as often.

The whole thing is ecspecially galling because you know that the Serbian government put those assholes up to it. I think there should be some dire consequences for all the parties involved and it starts with defending our embassies with lethal force. You want to peaceably demonstrate outside? More power to you. You chuck a brick or set something on fire and we should put your sorry ass down like a rabid dog. As far as I'm concerned, the same should apply to all mobs and protests. There should be snipers situated on the rooftops and when someone chucks a brick, the next thing that enters their mind should be a full metal jacket slug.
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