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Waiting for a Marion Barry moment

"Transparency" - Hillary Clinton's New Strategy on

It's funny really. You watch this whole Obama thing and you just know that however it ends, it's going to be a barrel of monkeys. Just think for a moment about how pissed off Hillary must be that this jumped-up, nobody is about to steal the nomination that is rightly hers. I'm just praying at this point that her ego and sense of entitlement is big enough that she goes scorched earth at some point. Winning dirty is better than losing clean, right? I mean, this is politics.

It's going to be funny to watch Obama fall, even if he wins the nomination. People who promise transcendental change always manage to fall off their pedastals when they fail to deliver. The idea that it'll all be happiness and light once he's elected is hilarious. I might not like Hillary, but I'm just as cynical as she is when it comes to my view of politics.
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