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Next I'll probably break a hip and develop a fondness for tapioca

I just realized that I managed to sprain my wrist earlier this evening. It wasn't exactly a noble moment either. In fact, it's downright embarassing and pathetic. I ended up losing my balance while trying to get dressed after taking a shower. It resulted in a half a twirl and I caught myself against the bed. I figured it was a case of no harm no foul until a few minutes ago.

I think I should just tell people it's a sports injury. Or maybe that I did it while lifting the front of a car off an old lady or something. I'm sure no one will buy any of it, but at least it's better than the truth. To boot, I'm sure that the number of 5 year olds I can take down has also dropped proportionally.

Everything else is varying levels of suck too. I just popped some more pills and I figure they'll kick in in a hour or so. Till then, I have some time to kill.

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