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Laptop joy

I'm writing this entry on my brand new laptop. It arrived here around a hour ago and I've been spending my time fiddling with it and getting all the plugins and default programs installed. So far, it's been pretty farging fantastic all around. I can't get over how big and crisp the screen is. It's been a long time since I've seen what's current as far as monitors go, and even this economy model is blowing my mind.

I'm also surprised to note that I haven't had any Vista issues yet. Considering the vehement antipathy towards it, I was expecting something truly obnoxious. So far, it's been pretty easy to work with and I sort of like the google toolbar that's bundled with it. About the only thing I could possibly complain about is I can't seem to find any sort of 'My Computer' icon, which I've gotten used to having around. Wait, my mistake, I just found the thing. Welp, I guess that means that I have no complaints at all. At least for the time being anyway.

The laptop is quite a bit heavier than I was expecting but it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I wasn't exactly planning to be one of those morons who cart they laptop around with them everywhere they go. Still, I did plan to bring it with me on out of town trips, especially for the cons this summer and the weight is something I'm going to have to give more thought to. I seriously doubt I could lug this, my token rollycase, and my backpack without running into issues. The next time I get a chance I should really go out and price a nice laptop bag.
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