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There's only one place they call me one of their own

So yesterday was moving day for Connie and Jeff. They're finally pulling out of Killadelphia and heading back to civilization. While the movers came and to pack and box everything up, Connie left Madelaine up here and my mom and other sister ended up looking after her. Ever just know deep in your heart that a kid is going to be trouble once she grows up? It's not like I've had interactions with many infants in my life, but Madelaine is incredibly duplicitous. She can stop and flip personalities on a dime. One minute she's shrieking so hard you think there's a good chance she'll end up choking to death on her own tongue and the next, it just stops. Immediately. There's no transition at all. I've taken this to mean she's just faking the whole thing and jerking everyone around. Connie's long noticed the same thing and come to the conclusion you can't believe she's really in distress unless you actually see tears. Everything short of that is just a scam. If you need to use a lie detector at 2 months to figure her out, I don't even want to see the teenage years.

The baby is also having lots of sleep issues. She often just refuses to sleep and has to be coaxed to do so (which often involves crying and screaming) yet will happily just sit around if you just leave her alone. Connie's been reading a buncha books about babies and sleep which all seem to point at the paradoxical idea that the better the baby sleeps during the day, the better they'll sleep at night. She carries around a notepad with her everywhere she goes nowadays and will document every minute of the sleep/wake schedule with feedings and changings down to the milisecond. Even the Nazi's were never this strict about having the trains run on time.

Oh well. Whatever keeps her sane, I guess. She's been pretty sleep deprived from what I can see and the whole baby rearing thing has not been a pleasant experience though it's supposedly getting better. I can only assume that the oxytocin or something is still pumping and keep her docile and imprinted on the thing. It's just as well that women have the kids and do the majority of the child rearing. If it were up to me, I'd be looking into the resale value already.
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