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I feel like crap

Everything feels like the suck lately. Well, except for the laptop. That's actually worked out pretty well. Other than that, I'm just feeling bleh lately. Pain issues have kicked up a notch of late and there are all sorts of minor irritations that need to be taken care of.

  • eBay: I was selling a buncha things there and managed to screw up on the international postage so that in at least one case, I ended up charging less to ship to Canada than to the US. In the end, a whole swarm of international vultures showed up and I've been schlepping these items all around the world. It's not exactly a loss, but I'm making next to zilch on it after all the fees and crap have been accounted for.

  • SSI: I have to trek down to the social security office next week for some appointment. Apparently it's going to be a regular event more or less and a condition of continuing to get cash. It sounds like a complete fucking waste of time and effort to me. If Jesus had popped down and Healed me in the interim, I'm sure I could have just called them and let them know. Until that happens, they can just assume that I'm still all fucked up.

  • Meetup: I thought it might be spiffy to run a Smirk and Dagger tourney at the meetup in a couple weeks. I went through the whole planning thing and even contacted the head of the company to get some prize support for the event. Despite that, the response from those wankers at the meetup has been less than enthusiastic so far. It just makes everyone look bad. No good deed goes unpunished.

  • Direct TV: Well, okay, I don't care too much about this one but it's still sort of obnoxious in an objective sense. The guy was supposed to come between 8-12pm yesterday to install the service. He calls at around 11:30 to say he's on his way. Wait. Wait. Wait. Notta. At a little past 2pm he calls again to say he's no longer coming. Of course, no one at the company is willing to take responsibility for this. Assholes.

  • Existential: And I guess this is the biggest problem of all. My life at the moment serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. There's no fucking point at all to it. The pathetic part is that this might apply to plenty of people in this world who also spend their lives treading water or revolving slowly in circles. Going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. What the fuck is the point of living when your life is pretty much a sham? From a eugenics standpoint, I should have jabbed a rusty screwdriver into my eyesocket by now. Completely fucking useless.
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