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Whoa. Jewel Staite was on Wonderfalls. I recognized her immediately thanks to her stint on Stargate Atlantis. It's not really a surprise that I didn't remember her when I saw the series the first time. For some reason, I never seem to pay much attention to actors and actresses from one role to another. It usually has to be something blatantly obvious for me to make the connection. It helps that she looks more or less the same in both roles I've seen her in. Same hair and same look overall. I always get thrown by superficial changes to hair and makeup. It's like I recognize the trappings of how a person looks rather than the immutable ones. That's one of those reasons that I knew I was never going to capture someone for America's Most Wanted.

The reason I like this show so much is partly due to the fact that it's just dark on quite a lot of levels. I'm a big fan of dark in general. It makes me regret even more that a second season was never made since I read somewhere that the writers were planning to really push the envelope a little. Jaye ends up in a nuthouse with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or something. It's like if you took the whole Joan of Arcadia idea and then squeezed all the sunshine and happiness out of it.

I sorta wish Satanic little animals talked to me.
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