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Panic and relief

I have got to get off my ass and offload what's left of the crap I have from Kingdom of Loathing. I tried to logon tonight and spent around 30 panicy minutes as I couldn't get the password right for the main account with all the stuff. I thought the damn thing had been deleted and all the crap was gone. It wasn't until multiple searches through other accounts unveiled the fact that I had misremembered my freaking login the entire time.

It's not exactly a trivial point either. If I took the time to liquidate the damn items, we're talking about at least a thousand dollars in the end if current ebay prices are any judge. Then there are a few items so weirdly rare that I'm not even sure I can manage to sell the things for anything near its list price. There was a 1 day item ages back called the Emo Roe. Current listings on the game have it priced at 440 mil. 10 million meat is around $20, so if it sold for that price you could convert it to around $800. I've got 3 of them. It all comes down to whether it would sell, of course, but even if I could only get half, that's still an insane amount of money.

I have got to liquidate this before I end up fucking it up.
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