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It's the perfect icon to explain this cock up

A few years ago, a horror movie was released that involved a buncha girls going spelunking and getting attacked by horrible monsters. The entire thing looked absolutely ridiculous in previews. A lot of shadows cast on walls and rapid camera movements intermixed with lotsa girls shrieking. For some reason I don't even recall, I actually went to wikipedia at some point and read up on the plot. It actually sounded pretty good with some interesting twists. I kept the whole thing in the back of my head and last night when I was looking for a movie to pick up, it popped back up. I entered 'descent' as the search term and snagged the one with the greatest number of seeds.

The movie finished downloading a hour or two ago and I figured I'd give it a look. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it right now but at the least I could scan through the file and make sure it was all there. Opening screen, woman, supermarket (supermarket? Well, maybe they were stocking up for the trip), party, football game (WTF? Where are the caves?), bondage (EH? Bondage?!), homosexual rape scene (WTF?!).

Apparently, what I was unaware of is THE Descent, is a horror movie about girls spelunking in a cave. Descent, on the otherhand, is a movie about some woman getting some guy to ass rape someone she ties to a bed.

I'm pretty sure I didn't come out ahead on this particular trade. God knows the thing that everyone wants to see at 6am in the morning is violent ass rapings.
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