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You gotta know when to hold 'em

I got back from playing cards at Brian's place and ended up walking away almost $16 richer. Not bad considering we were playing mostly with large stacks of change. In addition to winning money, which is always appreciated, I was able to keep ahead of most problems by downing codeine and ibuprofen. Everything was pretty spiffy until it was time to get up and leave, which is pretty much the way things end up going. Sitting for any length of time is going to be a problem and that includes playing cards for 5 hours.

I'm glad I actually went, though if I hadn't told Brian I'd be there I would have probably blown it off. I've been running a bit sleep deprived at the moment and it would have been nice to have gotten to bed early if I could have managed it. It's just the way it goes really. There's always an added price of some sort whenever I choose to do anything, ecspecially if it involves heading out. Because of that, it's often easier to just pass on events rather than making the effort. I wouldn't be surprised if I eventually evolved into becoming a complete shut-in one of these days.

BTW, spiffy hand of the night: 5-card draw where I ended up with a wildcard and a buncha useless crap. I just decided to keep the wild and draw 4 new cards. Ended up getting 2 Aces and 2 more Wilds for Quints. Spiffyness.
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