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Wah, wah, wah.....

No Fogo! It seems that too many people couldn't make it so we're going to have to reschedule it for another time. I was looking forward to being served chunks of meat from giant sword skewers too. Oh well....[sigh]. There's still that gaming thingamajigger this saturday that should be spiffy. Apparently, a group of people get together at one guy's house once every couple of months or so and have a large game night that runs up to 8 hours. A friend sent me an email about it and I figure it's a good place to find recruits for that gamenight I want to start of my own. I'm planning to bring a copy of settlers there to play and maybe the lord of the rings game or something. It should be pretty interesting.

In other news...I've got an infection on my right index finger that sorta sucks. It'll take a while for it to go away and for a while it'll be all owie.

The rats are all wanky too. This pilot might just crap out on me. For some reason after the microinjections the rats all turned comatose....which was not supposed to happen. I dunno....maybe the dose was too high. Bleh.

I heard some girl was selling her virginity online to raise money for college in england. The bidding had supposedly gone up to 15,000 or so. The best part? She's a that's giving you a lot of entertainment for your dollar. Still a bit pricey though. Here's a nice summary of the story here

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