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Welp, I finally made it back a few minutes ago. The entire damn fiasco ended up taking over 3 and a half hours from start to finish. The appointment itself lasted all of 5 minutes and basically consisted of them asking me the same questions I had answered a couple months ago. I guess they were just curious if I had recently become a convicted felon since we had last chatted. God knows why they don't just send me a form I can check off or conduct a phone interview. Either option would have been much faster and simpler. Not to mention it would probably help the unbelievable backlog of people in their office. The place was crammed full and more or less looked like what you would expect if a bus load of boatpeople rammed into a bus full of senior citizens.

Oh well. The person there did mention that this is a yearly checkup so hopefully that means I won't have to go through this irritation again for quite a stretch. It just ended up being a tremendous waste of time.

I want a candy bar.
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