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Pleasantly surpised

It looks like the Pricegrabber rebates finally came in the mail today. I was wondering if they would ever wind their way through the process. So many people end up complaining about it online that I thought that my submissions might get FUBAR'ed too.

The site basically offers you a $5 rebate on every video game review you write. You have to send in the rebate form along with a photocopy of the receipt and UPC code but it's pretty much a cash cow when you consider how many games I end up buying. Unfortunately, I let a few of them slip by the due date and there were others where I pitched the receipts, but even then, it's around $75-$100 in basically found money. The obnoxious part is that you can only submit 5 rebates per calender month so you have to end up keeping notes about when each batch is supposed to go in.

Since I'm on the topic of video games, I haven't touched either the DS or PSP once since the laptop arrived. Instead, I've been spending all my spare time watching tv shows and movies on it, or just twiddling my thumbs online. I've already finished the first season of Highlander and am about to start on the second. I was surprised to find that many of the episodes that I thought were in the middle seasons were actually in season 1. That means that I ended up catching more of the episodes on tv than I first though. They've all been pretty spiffy though, and it's nice to finally see them all in order. You end up missing a lot of the larger story arcs when you watch it all piecemeal.

Has anyone ever wondered what happens when an immortal revives after being shot? I can see blood vessels and tissues healing, but what about the bullet itself? Lets say a bullet lodged in the heart. It's not like you could really live with a foreign object in there. Do you stay dead until someone yanks it out? Also, wouldn't x-rays of immortals be pretty fucked up? Hell, McLeod would have enough lead slugs show up on the x-ray to make a slinky out of.
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