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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1674

Here's another gem from Craig's List:

My first thought reading this was WTF are cat hats? I know that people often choose to dress up their dogs in ridiculous looking outfits but I hadn't heard of a corresponding fetish for cats. Not to mention that a hat would seem to be the last thing you would want to try to strap on a cat seeing as they're usually neurotic as all fuck and will bite/scratch at a drop of a hat. Ha, no pun intended.

Lucky for all of us, the hapless individual saw fit to include photos of some of the hats, still sitting on the head of what I can only assume is the late Snowman. By the way, was anyone really surprised that this dingus lives in California?

It's like insane cat cosplay. All we need is some skimpily dressed Japanese schoolgirl standing next to the cat.
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