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With a time machine, no one's an over-the-hill whore

I've discovered an unexpected benefit of watching old tv series. It's sort of like a time machine of sorts. It might not make much of a difference for some of the central characters (unless you go way back) because you get to see them age a little from season to season, but it's a completely different story with guest stars. On a highlander episode I watched earlier today, Traci Lords was guest starring as a psychic. It was pretty amazing to see and still see youth and desirability instead of an aged horror with a vag a 5-man navy seal team could go spelunking in. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating there a little since she's only 40-something, but still. With youth, you can often embrace an illusion and overlook the fact that she's was like a one-woman drive through for years.

That aside, today was kinda interesting, though you have to realize that my bar for that sort of thing is set so low that coma patients think I'm boring. I actually trekked out and used an ATM machine for the first time in years. In fact, I don't think I've ever used this particular ATM card before and I've had it for over a decade now. I had forgotten how spiffy the machines are as they suck in your card and ask you what you want. Then there's that amazing whirrling noise right before you money pops out all in a neat stack. There's something almost euphoric about it. It's like a slot machine that always pays out. All it needs are some extra flashing lights and a set of tumblers.

Ya, I know, pathetic.

What can I say? Such is the banal nonsense of my life nowadays.

After my transcendental experience at the ATM, I picked up some subs and dropped a couple off at my grandmother's place. Connie and Jeff have finally moved in, and will be there for at least a few weeks until the renters have vacated their condo. I spent some time yakking with my grandmother and then some more time talking nonsense to Madelaine. She's getting huge. At her last checkup, the doctor said she was in the 95th percentile for length but only around 50th for weight. By my estimation, she's managed to close the gap significantly.

Oh well, that's about it. I dunno what might be causing it specifically but I just feel sorta lonely lately.
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