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Whoosh, whoosh

Watching Highlander really makes me want to dig my swords out of the closet. I have at least a half dozen stacked in there somewhere, along with a replica Highlander katana. I want to take them out and flail about wildly as if I were some sort of swashbuckling superhero. With my luck, I'd probably accidently decapitate myself.

Oh, and it's too bad we can't actually breed immortals. The amount of electricity generated by a Quickening seems to be pretty significant. It might just be enough to solve that pesky energy independence problem. All you would need is a motorized decapitation machine....

I never really thought about it until The Fighter episode, but MacLeod can be sort of a moralistic ass sometimes. If he thinks that you don't match up to his moral standards, he whacks your head off and feels perfectly justified in doing so. Since he's had more than a few slip-ups here and there as shown on the series, I wonder how he manages to justify that over time.
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