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Pain issues have been increasing over the past few days in both severity and frequency. The good part is the drugs can still knock it back (as long as I don't have to do anything else than lay about) but I've had to up my codeine intake by 3-4 times what it was before. There's never any way to judge whether there's going to be a flareup, what causes it, nor how long it lasts. All I can say for sure is that I'm not a happy camper about the whole thing.

At the moment, I'm waiting for the latest batch of pills to kick in, which will probably take at least 45 minutes or so. Till then, I suffer sporadic stabbing pains to punctuate the more general pain issues. There's never any to judge when a particular stab is going to occur and it's definitely not due to any movement or whatever on my part. It's just that at random moments, it feels like someone just stabbed you with a needle or small knife. Flinching away and yelping dosen't seem to make things any better. Neither does excessive swearing I've noticed.

Oh well. What cannot be fixed, must be borne. Things will get better once the pills dissolve and start rushing through the blood stream. Till then, I think I'll give swearing another try. Who knows, maybe it'll work this time.
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