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How I wish it were possible to toss oil on this fire

It looks like the primary season will continue for another 7 weeks at the minimum and I'm hoping for some real fireworks. Already, cracks are beginning to show as the two campaigns scrap and I can only hope that it turns into all out war. There's some evidence that things are already on the brink as it is. Just in the past few days:

  • An Obama advisor (in an interview to a Scottish paper) called Hillary a 'monster' and then asked them not to print it. The paper printed both the comment and the request.

  • Hillary compared Obama to Ken Star, a hippie boogieman, for his tactics in demanding she release her tax returns and papers from her stint in the white house.

  • Another Obama staffer goes on Tucker Carlson's show and claims that neither Clinton nor Obama are ready to answer that 3am phone call.

  • Clinton says that both she and McCain have been tested for executive responsibility, but not Obama.

It's like open season and if it's unclear exactly how the candidates feel about each other, it's perfectly clear their staffers loathe one another. It's palpable how much each side wants to go for the throat and the only thing that's holding them back is the fear of damaging themselves in the process. At some point though, a line will be crossed and then I'm praying that pandemonium will break out.

Nothing is better than watching these stupidass hippies get together for their circular firing squad. Their partisans are crazed and rabid animals and if you don't believe that, just search around online for a while. Take a spin over to daily kos and see the insanity first hand. Some wank over there claimed that the bombing of the military recruitment center yesterday was carried out by the GOP. There's also another spazzfest about how Hillary purposely darkened Obama's face in a recent ad to make him look more black. says no, but since when have facts mattered to those crazy assholes.
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