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Police: Teen Killed Dad For Banning MySpace

MESA, Ariz. -- A teenager who confessed to killing his father last month told police he hated his dad for taking away his Internet access, according to a police report released Wednesday.

Hughstan Schlicker, 15, called 911 on Feb. 6 and told the dispatcher he had just shot his father in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.

"I hate my dad, couldn't take it anymore," he said, according to the report.

Schlicker told police his father had taken away his Internet access after seeing suicide threats the teen had posted on social networking Web site

Schlicker had posted the threats in January; friends in Florida had seen the postings, talked him out of killing himself and called Mesa police. Police said they told Schlicker's mother about the threats; she allegedly told them she wasn't worried and promised to lock up any guns in the house.

Schlicker said he often spent entire days on MySpace and couldn't cope when his father cut off his access to the site.


After the shooting, Schlicker said, he called a female friend and told her he had killed his father and was about to kill himself. Schlicker said she talked him out of it and convinced him to call police instead.

Schlicker expressed remorse during a police interview, telling detectives "I wish I didn’t do this," and "I miss Dad."

During the interview, Schlicker portrayed his father as a loving man who only wanted the best for him and who used to take him on hunting trips.

"Me and my dad would go squirrel hunting," Schlicker said, according to the interview transcript. "Apparently he trusts me with a rifle."

Schlicker was charged with first-degree murder and will be tried as an adult.

This just reinforces my idea that abortion should only be legal if you're aborting teenagers. If you're going to murder your parents, at least do it for a good reason. I'm not sure that MySpace withdrawal is a good enough justification for jaywalking or loitering, much less premeditated murder. Hey, at least that crazy whore that killed her family got to have post-massmurder sex afterwards. All this dingus got was a chat on the phone.
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