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Buyer's Remorse

True Dungeon treasure tokens arrived today and I can't help but feel incredibly ambivalent about it. When I lift the package, it weighs a ton and I can't help but boggle at the fact that I payed a thousand dollars for it. Sometimes I think I must be clinically insane. I don't even want to open them up right now, though I am sort of curious if there's a Golden Ticket in there somewhere. That's about the only way I'd feel good about the purchase right now. The fact is that I simply have too many of these darn tokens. I really need to weed the numbers down to something more manageable. If I tried to drag the whole thing to Gencon with me this summer, I'd probably have to split them into two cases because they'd go over the weight limit. I'm never going to do anything with the large majority of them and at least when I was collecting magic cards, they were light.

Other than the tokens, I had the dubious pleasure of buying breast milk bags for the first time ever. I was going to Target to see if there was anything interesting in the video game section since I had both a gift card from Christmas and a $5 off $25 coupon. I checked with Connie and Shelley to see if they needed anything and it turns out that breast milk bags were on the shopping list. I can't help but look at the bags and think of them like those CapriSun juice containers. I don't imagine a lot of people jab a straw into a bag of breast milk and just start sucking away though. In the end, the video game selection was beyond pathetic and I wouldn't have bought anything there at half the price.

Lastly, (Though it's firstly in chronology) I went out the a Korean BBQ restaurant for lunch with my Mom, Grandmother, and Shelley. It ended up being a lot more tasty than I expected. It was a pretty pricey meal but fun was had by all and I gorged myself until I was ready to tip over. It's one of those places where the meal is about the experience as much as the food itself. Sort of like fondue restaurants or Beni Hana's. After we were finished, Shelley headed down to Atlantic City to meet friends and I began the breastmilk bag adventure and after that it was gameday at the Panera.

Lotsa fun overall, though I had some issues at one point with pain management. We spent a good chunk of time chatting about politics which I always find interesting. I'm almost always willing to join in on political debates no matter what. There was a lot of speculation about whether or not Hillary Clinton really is the devil and what will happen with the primaries and then the general election in the fall. I'm always a little surprised with how much some people on the Left loathe her. It's sort of sad really. I wonder if all that vitriol hurts her feelings sometimes. Well, if she had feelings.
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