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Alrighty, I wish I could embed this following clip, but it dosen't seem like there's any easy way to do it. SNL have been real assholes about letting their clips get out onto youtube and the like. Even if I uploaded a copy of it, the damn thing would probably get pulled for copyright violation within a few hours. It's stupid. Why the hell would they not want people to see good and positive clips of their work when most of us think they haven't been funny for over a decade. Anyway, here's the link:

Phone call at 3am

I've been doing a lot of reading lately of political blogs and sites, and I really like Real Clear Politics. It has a fantastic political news aggregator and I've been reading my way down the line for days now. Much easier than fishing for the articles on newspaper websites or stumbling over them on blogs.

It's too bad the liklihood of a video of Obama smoking crack is unlikely to come to light anytime soon. Well, not until Hillary's people get better at digital manipulation anyway. Despite that, it does seem that there's a small but growing number of people who now think she's going to pull this one out. Mostly because there's no farging way she's ever going to accept being his VP, or he hers. That means that she has nothing to lose by really going balls to the wall in this campaign. It's not like she'll ever have a prayer 4 or 8 or 12 years down the line. She's already damaged goods thanks to this campaign and you can only play certain cards so many times before they become not just useless, but a point of mockery. Lets face it, we won't see her tearing up again anytime soon.

Oh well. It's fun to just be able to sit back and watch the fireworks. I just hope that McCain is not wasting this golden oppertunity.
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