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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1674

This is almost enough for me to want to get a giant sackful of cats.

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And luck for me, I know exactly where to go to acquire the cats. Thank you crazy cat lady.

70 Cats Seized From Unsanitary Home

Humane Society Officers Forced To Get Warrant For Cats

NORTH STRABANE, Pa. -- Washington County Humane Society officers removed more than 70 cats from a North Strabane home Friday, citing unsanitary conditions.

Humane Society officers said they were forced to get a warrant to enter the home along Acme Road.

Once inside, they said they began loading all the cats into crates and then took them to the Humane Society for evaluation.

Officers said the cats were well fed, but the home was filled with feces and garbage and was unsuitable for not only cats, but also humans.

"They all seem to be as far as good weight and there are some cats that are sick," said Vicki Schmalzried, with the Humane Society. "It's just that basically there are so many cats living in unsanitary conditions."

Humane Society officers said they are not sure if charges will be filed against the owner.

Once the cats are evaluated, they will be available for adoption.
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