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Holy Shit

Did any of you know that Elizabeth Ward Gracen, the actress who played Amanda on Highlander, was raped by Bill Clinton in the back of his limo? Well, to be more exact, a friend of her says she was raped while she would only call it 'rough sex', but still, WTF? Bubba apparently got around a lot more often than I ever thought. Gracen was once Miss Arkansas and then Miss America. Clinton apparently gave her a ride in the limo and then slipped her the sausage at the end. During the entire length of the lawsuit against Bill, she hid out in France, ducking subpeonas. After it was all over, this is what she said to the press:

"I think Clinton is a very dangerous, manipulative man and I've had to be very careful," she says. "There was a lot of pressure on my family and friends, people were being staked out. I was a little bit afraid for my own safety at one point. It's just not an area where you're safe."

Man, the things you learn watching old tv shows.
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