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To flip or not to flip

I think I've just about talked myself into an impulse purchase. I haven't wanted a piece of tech foolery like this in a long time, since I bought the PSP at a minimum and probably all the way back to when I got the DS. You see, it all started with Pepsi Points. I was entering some bottlecaps onto the website and decided to check out their sweepstakes. It turns out that one of the items they were having a contest for was a sort of mini camcorder called a Flip Ultra. I decided to take a look at the product description and it looks fantastic.

  • First and foremost, it's cheap. Amazon is selling it for only $143 right now and it has a retail price of $180.

  • It's incredibly easy to use. Just click a button to start, click a button to stop.

  • The video quality at 640x480 looks pretty fantastic.

  • It's got a 60 minute recording capacity on internal memory and has a one step USB popout so you can upload videos to your computer.

I've wanted a camcorder for a while now and I was never willing to pay the $1,000 pricetag needed for a good one. This fulfills almost all of my needs at a fraction of the price. I mean, it's not like I'm filming a major motion picture or something. I figure I'll use it for blogging on here and that's about it. So really, if you think about it, it's you who'd be the net beneficiary, right?

The only thing that's stopping me from buying it right now is I've been entering those Pepsi Stuff contests hoping to win one. Of course, since I'm only using one entry at a time my odds for winning are the same liklihood as being struck by lightning. Also, I'm trying to game the Amazon recommendation system, trying to get it to choose the flip for me so I can save an additional 5%. It might be spiffy to get in time for the Smirk and Dagger Tourney. I can shoot a montage of the games as they're running and show it to Curt.

Edited to add:

Alright. I pulled the trigger. It looks like the darn thing won't arrive for over a week though. Still, you can all expect to see video blogs soon.
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