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The paradox of choice

So the Direct TV guy did his work yesterday, drilling holes and running cables, and now I've got a fancy schmancy 8,000 button remote in my hand. I hate it. I hate the remote, I hate the 6 billion channels, I hate it all. It's a monstrous pain in the ass. The channel numbers run up to a thousand and now I'm supposed to remember if A&E is 546 or 564? WTF? The entire system sucks and it has had the net result of me not wanting to go anywhere near the tv.

I'm suret's probable that there's some way to program this remote so I can easily access the channels I want but the manual looks like a small phone book. I don't understand what could possible be so great about this new setup that it's worth digging through all that gobbilygook. It almost makes me wish for the good old days of a half dozen channels and rabbit ears. Well, maybe not quite that far, but at least back to the days of basic cable. I've never really wanted more out of my tv.

Anyway, other than being pissy about the tv, I should also mention that tommorrow is the Smirk and Dagger Training Day. I dunno why I get myself into these things. I end up volunteering to run things and then I regret it like crazy. I don't even like a lot of the people there. God knows why I'm putting myself out to run an event for them. I guess it's just one of those situations where the idea always ends up being better than the execution.

On top of that, I'm not really having a fantastic time lately with other issues. Pain still seems to be on the rise overall, and drug consumption has followed the curve. It's one thing when I can control the environment, but going to the meetup should make things more problematic. That and my sleep schedule is pretty screwed up at the moment. I'm up all night again and I haven't been able to flip the cycle. Maybe some more drugs will do it, at least enough so that I'll get some sleep before the meetup.
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