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There must be gamers out there somewhere.....

So tonight I went to a gaming night that is run by a group of people that have apparently been around for years. One person opens up their home (which was spacious and majorly kick ass) and once every 2-3 months, everyone shows up for one giant night of games. They also get together for hikes and dinner more often apparently. So here were a few observations of the night:

1) Old people have better food at their parties and get togethers

So the average age of people at this game night was probaly 40-45. The youngest person there was probaly close to my age, late 20's, and the oldest were likely in their 60's. This was initially kinda uncomfortable for me since I don't deal often with people much older than I am in a social setting but it worked out pretty well. The food quality was much higher than what you find when the average age is closer to 20/30, which tends to lean towards soda, chips and dip. Instead everyone was drinking wine and eating elaborately made desserts, cheese balls (not the snack food), and even shrimp cocktails. Overall, much more spiffy.

2) Old people don't play the same games

So, I'm not sure what I was expecting but when I thought of a gamenight, I was thinking mostly games that I would play. So those with a fantasy bent for the most part and non-mainstream. Frankly, I wasn't aware people even played taboo and encore and whatever else is out there listed as a 'party game' nowadays. This pretty much slaughtered my hopes of recruiting at this meet to find gamers who want to get together regularly to play board, card, and role playing games. Unless I was bringing a scrabble board or something, I don't think it would work out. I brought settlers of catan and killer bunnies and the quest for the magical carrot and we did get to play a game of the latter but I don't think it went over all that well. Of course, it was also getting sorta late and those not used to late night sessions were fading fast.

3) Old people have lives

I guess this should be sorta obvious, but it's not....not really. By life I mean a packed schedule and committments. The things you don't have as a college student and only slightly more so as a grad student. These people all had 9-5 jobs and kids and whatever. They were never going to be able to join a more regular gaming night like I wanted. There was one other person there who was also a college student who didn't work, but that was it. So #2 and #3 combined basically made my recruiting hopes a complete crock. There's pretty much no chance that any of these people will ever join a weekly gaming session, not that they would play the same games I want, nor that they'd have time to anyway.

4) I an the unwitting tool of evil

We played 2 games of mafia. In each game I failed miserably to figure out who the mafia members were, and ended up leading the charge to vote out every single innocent person around. It came down to the final three with me in both games and each time I was the one tossed and the mafia won. From what I'm told, mafia almost never win in this sorta game and we managed somehow to recreate the same ending twice in a row. I was evil's bitch all night.

I've been signed up at for a while now for various groups, including the d&d one among others. I think I'm going to actually make an effort and attend a couple of these meetups and see if it's at all possibel to find a few more people to play with. It's starting to get very very sad.

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