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Cool Beans

I just found the absolute perfect dish to gag vegetarians with. It's so perfect it makes me want to go out and buy a bucket of eels as we speak, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Here is the paragraph I found in an article on slate from a reporter visiting japan and discussing the gastronomical joys:

By far the most diabolical dish I've heard tale of here in Tokyo has nothing at all to do with whales. It seems that in some restaurants, they will put live baby eels in a large bowl of water with a big block of tofu at the bottom. The bowl is heated, and as they become uncomfortably hot, the baby eels burrow down into the cooler tofu. There they are cooked alive, and served like an olive loaf. Any discussion of evil cuisine begins and ends with this recipe.

Is that the coolest thing you've ever heard of? I'm already picturing happily the joy of tying a vegetarian, modesta for instance, to a chair and forcing them to eat half dead baby eels in a chunk of tofu. Ahh, rapture. I wonder if the same thing might work with earthworms and a thick slice of bread. I have no clue where to actually find baby eels around here. It's an idea to keep in mind for the next vegetarian I run across or the next sissymeet. For some reason that site is full of grazing pinko hippies.

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