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Don't you hate it when you think something absolutely wonderful has happened. There's the moment of shock, of disbelief, and then it's happy ecstatic joy. Of course, what happens next is you find out you made a booboo and that you didn't just win a million dollars or that the STD test really isn't negative. Whatever it happens to be.

Well, I just experienced that mini emotional roller coaster a few minutes ago. I was looking at Amazon's Gold Box deals and saw the 60-minute flip video on it for $99.99. I just ordered mine a few days ago and it hasn't even shipped yet, and the thought of saving an additional $42 or so made me very happy. I wasn't sure exactly how to get the refund, so I figured I'd just purchase the cheaper one to make sure I had it locked in and figure it out when I called customer service. I was all set to make the phone call when I realized, duh, that they were selling the 60-minute Flip Video, not the 60-minute Flip Video Ultra. Feh.

It's still a very good deal at $99.99, but I really had my heart set on getting the ultra which has twice the memory, and thus, supposedly better video quality. If you're interested in getting a cheap camcorder, you could do worse than jumping on the Amazon deal right now. You'd be saving yourself around $20 off their normal prices for it.
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