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The circle is complete

It's my birthday this Sunday just thinking about it gives me a case of the sads. It's not like I've ever been happy when birthdays have rolled around in the past, but that's combined with the fact that there seems less and less to be happy about each year. At best, I'm treading water in the great sharktank of life and I'm missing a limb or two. Sometimes I just wish that Chompy would get it over with already.

In other news, according to the tracking information the Flip Ultra arrived in Jersey City yesterday. That's not very far and if I'm lucky, it might actually get delivered sometime later today. That means I'll have it around to document the Smirk and Dagger tournament as well as my birthday. If the latter goes according to form the video will consist of 24 hours of me huddled under a mess of blankets and whimpering occasionally. Yay.
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