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I guess I should mention that I finally finished watching all of Highlander. Well, let me rephrase that a bit. I've finally finished watching all of the Highlander episodes that I actually want to see. The series got a little wonky as the end approached and Adrian Paul had other commitments with filming the Highlander movie Endgame at the time. That means that there are a lot of wonky filler episodes, some of which he doesn't appear at all. They were using the last season of the show as an open casting call for the spinoff Highlander: Raven. They were trying to find a new leading lady and so they had all sorts of female actors do their own Highlander episode. God knows why they bothered in the end when they eventually gave the job to Elizabeth Gracen, who was there the entire time. At least you didn't have to pay them much, I guess. The thought of having a lucrative tv contract likely meant they were willing to do anything to land the job.

So what have I learned from my experience watching Highlander?

  • First, as just a technical point, I figured out why I never could figure out how many seasons of the show I had previously seen. It seems the show was a joint venture between a production company in Vancouver and one in France. Thus, half the shows of each season would be shot in each location. I had always thought that the show started in Vancouver and at some point moved on to Paris. No wonder the whole timeline and continuity of it confused the hell out of me.

  • I also found that watching Highlander eps reinforced some ideas I've always had about moral issues. It's like Vimes says to his younger self in Night Watch when questioned about why it's not okay for bad guys to do something but okay for you to do it. The answer? Because it's you doing it. Morality always seems to have an escape clause when you simply can't slice the pieces fine enough. It's moral because I'm the one doing it, and not when it's the other bugger.

  • Dancers don't have to be pansies. Even if it's all scripted and correographed, Adrian Paul kicked some major ass during the show and all of his training early on was in classic dance.

  • If you ever find yourself immortal, your best friend is Compound Interest.

  • I find myself constantly wondering now how much effort it really takes to cut off a head. I've got a sharp replica of the Highlander katana in my closet....I'm sorta tempted to actually give it a whirl one of these days. Previously, the only use that having a sword has gotten me is once, a bun fell behind the oven in Chicago and there was no way to get to it. I was able to reach over and stab it with the katana and recover it.

I'm going to cut this entry a little short. In the middle of searching around trying to find the LJ entry where I mentioned stabbing the bun behind the oven, I found that hundreds of my settings on scrapbook are fucked up. I can't seem to find any way to adjust the security setting of all the pictures within a gallery, so I'm doing each one manually, on a touch pad. It's killing me. I might come back and edit this when I finally finish with that chore.
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