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Act 1, Scene 1

I took the flip out and used it to document my day. Nothing all that exciting compared to what an average person does. I mostly just wanted to see how well it would handle and overall, I'm pretty impressed. I'm having some issues with the included software which means that all I was able to do was splice the various videos together. No bells and whistles this time around.

Since getting home, things have taken a distinct downturn. I'm having some pain issues I just can't seem to get rid of and out of the blue, my plumbing seems to have gone all amok. Odd really considering I didn't eat anything today other then....oh...oh! That would explain it. Feh. No wonder I'm having all these food poisoning symptoms. I ate a couple hotdogs from 7-11 around noon. It's a miracle I'm not dead. It probably took half the day for all the bacteria in there to grow and mutate. Feh. Note to self: avoid 7-11 for food.
Tags: chronic pain, family, flip ultra, free crap/deals, sick, video

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