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Emo crybabies

In case you weren't aware, the LJ content strike started today. Yes, it's another opportunity for whiny, self-important, teenieboppers to Fight The Power. Feh. What a bunch of spazzmonkeys. For all the bitching they do about LJ, I can't help wondering why they don't just fucking quit the site already. Hell, it might be nice if they did just to up the average age on the site and, maybe if we're lucky, jump a few IQ points as well.

Never it be said that I'm unwilling to sacrifice in order to do my part in this noble effort. For the rest of the day, I will make an entry every hour, on the hour. I figure that will at least double my output for a normal day. Besides, it makes me happy to think that I might be thwarting and canceling out the efforts of a couple emo whinealots.
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