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Mega worms

Yay. A buncha new PSP games just arrived in the mail. Only one is actually new new, the rest are new used, which is just as good as new new and cheaper to boot. I picked up:

Mega Man: Powered up
Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
Lumines II
Worms: Open Warfare 2

I'll never really understand why I keep buying Mega Man games. In the entire history of the franchise, there was only one of them I was ever any good at. The rest are all a little too twitchy for me. It's like Ghost and Goblins. I always liked playing the game even though I never so much as made it out of stage 1. I just don't seem to do that well with games where you need to jump around avoiding things. Funny really. You'd think that were some sort of common asian trait based on some of the guys I saw in the arcade during my college earns. There would always be some chinese kid sporting bottle rim glasses playing 1943 and flying through what looked like a hailstorm of bullets without taking so much as a single hit. It was mind boggling. That was another game that I seldom made it out of the first level. At least I knew enough to not even attempt to buy the new Contra for the DS.

I guess what it comes down to it is that sometimes we just end up liking those things that we're really no good at. It becomes one of those nostalgia issues.

Welp, I'm off to give some of these games a whirl.
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