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The streak continues

Eh, I just gave Mega Man Powered Up a whirl and got my ass handed to me. Luckily, I was playing on 'normal' and there does seem to be a 'pansy' setting. I'll give it another try later and if things don't improve, I'll just switch to the girly difficulty. Mostly what I'm interested in is just testing the games out to make sure they all work and see how the gameplay is. I think I can already determine that I'm never going to be on the leader board with the Mega Man games.

So, it's only a hour left until the strike ends and I can stop making all these entries. Yay. I'm also looking forward to seeing what the stats will look like when the entries for the day are talliled. I'm really really hoping that there were actually more entries made today then on an average non-strike day. That would just make me happy. There's nothing like the LJ equivalent of union busting to put a smile on my face.
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