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Assessing the damage

Welp, the strikers are trying to figure out if they had any impact at all, and the numbers don't look all that helpful. The real problem though is that they're likely to be conflated with the fact that they picked a friday before a holiday. Posting content always falls on fridays as opposed to the rest of the work week and always on the days right before a holiday weekend. That basically means that there's no good baseline to work with. If you compare it to the thursday before, they're claiming that there was a drop of around 13%.

It makes me wonder a little if it was shrewdness or just happenstance that they picked this friday to do it. A decline, based on past data, was inevitable and it'd be impossible to say for sure how much the strike contributed to the drop. So, even if no one participated in the strike, you could declare victory because they would be a decline from the day before.

My guess though is it was just surrendipity. This fiasco didn't seem to be all that well organized and thought out. I just don't understand why, if they're so unhappy with LJ, they don't move on to greener pastures. They should know by now that the people owning LJ will not change their policies to the degree they want. It's obviously a very autocratic company that's purchased LJ, and thinking that you're going to turn them into a democracy of some sort is just not going to happen.

Frankly, we've all seen LJ lose ground to myspace and facebook and god knows what else the tweens of the world are fucking with nowadays. You might as well bail out now while the bailing out is still good. Profits clearly aren't all that impressive if they had to eliminate basic accounts and I can't see that trimming some of the deadweight isn't a good idea.

BTW, yet another new icon. It's my new sads icon. I'm trying to decide whether I should animate a couple of the zoloft blob too.
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