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A night of reverses

Alrighty, so here's what happened on Saturday.

Everything actually started out pretty spiffy. I had gotten up early and since it was a weekend, my grandmother and mom weren't on Madelaine-duty. We went out for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum. I <3 but Dim Sum but it gets so pricey so fast. All those little hatch marks on your bill start piling up and the next thing you know you find that the multiplier is in the stratosphere.

After that, I drove them around shopping for a bit and then it was back home. I loafed around for a few hours playing with my PSP and headed over to Brian's place around 6 or so. When I got there, I couldn't find any street parking right away near his place. It's always been sort of hit or miss there. On the plus side though, there are bunches of handicapped parking spaces on his street. They're not sketched out on the road in paint or anything, but they have those little poles with the handicap sign on it and all the various info. I found a spot with a sign, parked, and went to play cards.

It was a lot of fun like always. I did pretty well for most of the night, up a couple bucks here or there. Then we ended up playing 'Acey Duecey'. It's one of those risk assessment games where you randomly deal two cards to each player and then they have to bet an amount to see if the third flippped card lands in between the values of the other two. There's a lot of hand-wringing randomness, ecspecially because if you're wrong, you have to keep paying to the pot. After losing around $7 to it, I finally hit it big on an 'all in' bet and swept it. By the end of the night, I was up something close to $20, which is practical a Scrooge McDuck fortune when you're playing with small change. Hell, most pots in our games ended up being around 50-75 cents in size. There was also a cake, thoughtfully prepared by Brian's wife Jessy as a surprise for my birthday.

All in all, it was a very spiffy night. Eventually though, I needed to get going and around 3am I ventured out only to find my car missing. Unsurprisingly, considering that I had spent an entire night sitting at one place, I was a pretty good bloody mess at the time too. I had really counted on just being able to limp my way to the car and go home. All I could do at that point was head back to their place and we called the cops to figure out what happened. Frankly, I had no clue at the time. I had parked in a clearly marked handicap spot and I had handicap tags on my car. The cops suggested that maybe it had been because some of the handicap spots on the street are reserved for specific handicapped people. If so, they should have an ID number written on them and your tag would have to match for you to park there.

Frankly, I had never heard of any such thing in my life. A handicapped spot is just a handicapped spot, right? Besides, none of the signs said anything about needing a particular ID number. They were all just the generic signs listing fines and crap or said 'Handicap reserved'. There was nothing to do at that point except bum a ride from Brian back home. By that point, it was 4am in the morning and we were lucky enough to hit some huge backup on the highway home. We spent around 30 minutes sitting in bumper to bumper traffic before they ended up clearing the corpses or whatever caused the logjam.

When I finally got home, I was feeling pretty awful. It ended up taking until around 7am to clean myself up and wait for the inflammation and issues to die down. I spent most of that time surfing around trying to find information on what could have possibly caused my car to get yanked and how to get it back the next day. The best part is that the car I'm currently driving is in my Dad's name and I wouldn't even be able to get it out without having to drag him along with me. Not exactly a fun prospect for anyone involved.

Anyway, that's how Saturday ended for me.
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