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The sound of breaking glass means I hate you

After a few hours sleep on Sunday, I roamed back to Elizabeth in order to try to get the car back. I had googled driving directions and set off with my dad in tow. The basic process is you go to the tow yard, collect your registration and insurance from the car, go to the police station, get a pass to pick up your car, and then go back to the yard to pay the fine and get the car. There were all sorts of small fubars in this process. Everything from not having current insurance cards in the car, almost not having a key along to open the door, the tow yard only accepting cash, and the lazy pig-like police officers of the city of Elizabeth. Lets focus on the last of these for a moment.

In general, I've always had a good deal of respect for cops. I almost always give them the benefit of the doubt and in my experience, they've been good people doing an often obnoxious and thankless job. All of those positive feelings were put to the test on Sunday. When I got to the police station, the goomba at the window was downright rude. He was obviously put out that he actually had to do his job instead of just goofing around. There was some old tub of lard sitting behind him, straining the springs of a chair with his feet proped up on a desk and bullshitting with those around him. It looked like some scene out of a movie. I thought there was some sort of physical fitness requirement to be a cop nowadays. Bloato back there looked like he'd get winded unwrapping a candy bar. Dickless at the window wasn't hugely better. He was just snippy and a general pain in the ass. When I passed him the information, he saw the expired insurance card and said 'This is shit'. Eventually I got foisted over onto another cop who displayed about as much interest in my issue as the first asshole, but at last didn't make exageratedly slow movements and sigh a lot at having to actually type on his keyboard and look at documents. Eventually, I managed to get the slip of paper I needed and then it was back to the tow yard.

$120. That's how much it fucking cost for the tow. $120. Do you believe this bullshit? Not only that but they don't take credit cards to boot. I was just lucky I was able to scrounge enough cash together to get the car out of hock. Oh, and I didn't even get around to mentioning what I got towed for. I got hit with a $54 ticket for 'blocking a driveway'. It turns out that as long as the curb slopes down, it's considered a driveway even if there's a damn handicap parking spot right there. The whole property was fenced and it never occured to me that they could still be referring to it as a driveway. There were no farging cars on it and weren't even at 3am the night before. So basically, I went from up $20 from playing cards to possibly being down $154 by the end.

I still haven't decided if I want to go to court and fight the ticket or not. My tags, according to the state of NJ website, gives me the right to park in _any_ handicapped spot. I don't see how it can possibly be my fucking fault if they put one in front of a driveway. On the otherhand, I'm not sure I can tolerate any more interactions with the city of Elizabeth. The city is a fucking sewar and their public employees are gibbering assmonkeys. All I know for sure is I know which house it is and one of these days, I'm going back there to break some windows.
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