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Like Lewis and Clark, but different

I think I've finally decided to stop waiting on Amazon to cough up something I'm interested in. I just got the weekly Gamestop newsletter email and in it, they had a 25% off coupon for used PSP games and UMD movies. I spent some time on their website trying to track down copies. I finally got a hit and then called the place just to double check. So, tommorrow, I will doft my role as a shut-in and actually venture out into the world. No doubt there have been many new and wonderous changes since I last emerged.

Things to do:

  • Have breakfast? It might be nice to head out and snag breakfast at the Hometown. I haven't done that in a couple of weeks and it could be a nice way to start the day if I get up at a reasonable hour.

  • Buy PSP Games. This is of course the most important part of the venture. With my Edge Card, I'll be getting 35% off any used games and that's not an opertunity to be missed. In addition to picking up Patapon, there are a couple of other items I also want to get. All in all, I'll be visiting 3 different gamestop stores in the area and maybe a couple of Circuit City ones as well.

  • Ford Test Drive. Been putting this off for months now. People have finally started getting their gift cards on dealnews and I have to get around to cashing in on this.

  • Making copies. Gotta head to Staples and make more copies. Need to claim more of those $5 Pricegrabber rebates. It seems like I put in an inordinate amount of work for those $5's.

  • Boardgame Meetup. Curt from Smirk and Dagger came through like gangbusters. The first package must've just been lost in the mail but the replacement arrived yesterday and it's chock full of stuff. It's pretty damn spiffy. Not only will I be able to dole out some more items to the people who participated in the tourney, but there's ample prize support left for when I run Hex-Hex and Cutthroat caverns at ubercon later this month.

  • Birthday. Brian's having a birthday party for his son. I should stop by if I can. A lot will depend on how well I'm holding up by then.

So it's not exactly a huge itinerary, but it's more than I often have on my list.
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