In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

You give me Fever, or not

So, I ended up getting almost everything done yesterday that I was supposed to. I zipped around to a couple of gamestops and picked up the psp games I wanted to, did the whole test drive thing (Yay! $50!), and went to meetup and dropped off all the prize support stuff with Lori. I've spent most of the time since then watching Babylon 5 episodes (Up to the middle of season 4 now) and playing Patapon.

My fears of a lack of rhythm have been proven true in large part. I just can't seem to maintain Fever during the game. I think I'm hitting the damn buttons when I'm supposed to but the machine keeps telling I'm wrong. No doubt the game is mistaken, but until they come out with a patch fixing it so that it sees things my way, I'm sort of stuck. It's still addictive as ever so I keep plugging away at it with minimal results.

I also picked up the Nightmare Before Christmas on UMD. It's the second video whozit I've gotten for the PSP. The bundle originally came with a disk that had 4-5 Family Guy episodes on it. I'm one of those people who don't usually tend to watch movies over and over, so in general I've refrained from picking up more video UMDs. I figure I can make an exception for the NBC because it'll give me something to sing along with if I'm ever stuck somewhere and bored.

I should also mention that I got lucky with the test drive whozit. The dealer just signed my slip and filled out all the info without actually requiring me to take a test drive. No doubt, he took one look at me and realized that it would just be a tremendous waste of his time. There was no way I was there to seriously buy a car. On one hand, I'm happy I was able to skip the drive and sales pitch but on another level, it is a bit depressing. I was instantly sized up and judged not new car purchase worthy. Oh well, I'm sure the $50 bestbuy giftcard will more than soothe my ego.

In addition to handing out the prize support at the meetup, I also sat in on a game of Hex-Hex and then of Goa. Things went pretty well overall thought by the end of it, I was feeling sorta bloody and bleh. I ended up passing on the birthday party and that means I'll have to find some time in the next few weeks to pop over to Brian's place and drop off his gift.
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