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Drinking the Kool-aid

A couple of years ago, I made a decision to switch over to diet and calorie free sodas. It wasn't exactly a big sacrifice on my part, since any differences in taste is negligable to me, but it seemed sorta pointless to consume needless calories especially when you weren't even enjoying it. For a while, diet coke was about the only thing I drank and I went through the stuff at a pretty good pace. I probably averaged 4-5 cans a day and while that racked me up a hell of a lotta coke reward points, it seemed like a bit of a waste financially. I switched over to just water around a month ago but found that to be sort of boring. In the end, I decided to compromise and after a brief flirtation with Crystal Light, bought a hell of a lot of kool-aid tropical fruit punch mixes. I've got enough of the stuff to make a swimming pool sized vat.

It's sorta funny really, because even as a kid I never really drank Kool-aid. It just wasn't one of those things my parents would have thought to buy for us. The only time I ran into it at all was when it was diluted all to hell and called 'bug juice' at summer get togethers. That being said, I'm really enjoying my reintroduction to the stuff. It tastes like I'm drinking jello before it's had time to set. I'm sure there's not a single thing natural about it, considering it comes from a small pouch of red powder, but they really pack a lot of flavor into the thing. Just smelling the liquid almost assaults your sense with that fruity tropical punch smell that you remember from scratch and sniff stickers back in the day.

I <3 Kool-aid.
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