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Come to the dark side of the Force young jedi

Wooo. I just finished building the Tie Bomber. It kicks a lot of ass too. The thingie actually has a bomb-bay that allows you to drop these little whozits. The other module on the bomber actually has a spring loaded dart gun! My favorite toys from when I was a kid were always the ones that shot crap out. You still can see those commercials on tv for toys like that where they build walls out of blocks as the little kid flies the figure down and blasts the wall with the crashing sound effects. Major cool.

I'm really surprised how fargining big these figures are too. They're huge. The x-wing must be around 14-15 inches long and at least a foot wide. I'm flying it around right now making wooshing noises. If I had a real x-wing, I'd be killing so many people right now......

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